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Result: Found 6 thread(s) related to "coins"

  • Points and coins

    6 Replies - 232 Visit

    Hello what is meant by needing 200 points before can transfer points to pindiy? Please help I have spent hours getting the coins and uploading books as it said I would be able to transfer and now my e ...

    10-16-2023 02:47 - 4hooksake - Free Talk

  • Why when i post comment the site doesn't give me the coins

    2 Replies - 153 Visit

    This is problem in the site

    10-28-2023 19:48 - Whisper - Free Talk

  • How to Exchange gold coins for Pindiy site

    7 Replies - 231 Visit

    First of all You Have to Reach to 200 Credit for exchange (after LEVEL 2) Exchange button on the main page: And you will see this page ... Just fill's username And Tr ...

    10-20-2023 10:31 - Turquoise - Forum Bulletin

  • Lost coins and credits

    5 Replies - 302 Visit

    When this forum started, I completed a series of tasks that gave me credits and gold coins, the forum was down for a couple of days and when it came back up I had to register again, losing everything ...

    09-25-2023 16:50 - yerita - Free Talk

  • No coins for books

    7 Replies - 224 Visit

    I'm not seeing any collection of coins for books I have posted on line. Does that mean that no one is downloading but just adding a thank you for putting it up for consideration?

    09-27-2023 12:27 - shadylady50 - Free Talk

  • Gold Coins

    3 Replies - 147 Visit

    Thankyou for the opportunity to earn gold coins in the 'task' section - when new here they really do help to give a nice 'boost'. I hope all the new members give it a go and gain the coins available ...

    09-24-2023 00:53 - funshine - Free Talk

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